Attorney will not respond

For those that viewed my post from a few days ago this is a separate issue.

Besides firing your lawyer and retaining another one, is there anything that can be done when your lawyer simply does not respond to emails or phone calls when you are attempting to get help in enforcing the court order? The ex has basically refused to comply with any of the court ordered ED stuff and the medical bills are stacking up without their half being paid, house cannot be refinanced because the quitclaim deed still isn’t signed, and refuses to remove me from the car note, all of which was ordered by the court. Lawyer simply refuses to respond in any way, other than once a few months ago he said he’d handle it but nothing has been done. I have the form for a motion to appear and show cause but I’m not sure if I can/should just file it on my own… Just in case your thinking it, all bills with lawyer are current and there has been no falling out or arguments or anything like that. Simply not doing what I’ve paid him to do, represent me.

There is a hearing in a few days regarding finalizing the actual decree but everything else has already been settled in court. Can I bring it to the judges attention in that hearing or do I have to file paperwork beforehand?

If the final order has not yet been reduced to writing and filed with the court, you might not yet be able to enforce the provisions contained therein. If you are unhappy with your representation, you should seek new counsel. Unfortunately, failure of attorneys to return calls is a common complaint.