Ex Won't Respond to Request to Get Prop Under ED

I have an ED that was finally signed June 2, 2009 (divorce was final in 2007!)

I was given cars, furnishings, etc that have been in my ex’s custody since the separation. I was given 30 days from June 2nd to obtain my items. My ex has blocked my email address and turned off the answering machine at home so I cannot leave a message. I finally obtained her cell phone number from a neighbor and called and left a message requesting that she call me so we could make arrangements. No response.

The divorce was long and nasty and we have cumulatively spent probably $100,000 in legal fees fighting over $200,000 worth of property. In her twisted thinking she may feel if she can stop me from collecting the items (including cars for which I have no keys in my possession) that they will remain hers.

My attorney said he was going to send her a letter (haven’t received a copy), nor will he reply to emails or phone calls. I just lost my job and still owe him $40,000 in legal fees…he may be throwing up his hands.

What are my options?


You should file a motion for judicial assistance and have the court set a time for you to get your things. You may want to consider filing a motion for contempt, however since no specific plan of action was put in place for you to get your things, a judge may not find your ex in contempt of court.