My ex husband is currently not working and liquidated his assets and spent his money. He owes me money in the property distribution. Hopefully in time he will return to work, and pay me what he owes. There are some items in the home that predated the marriage that he wishes. Can these be legally held from him until he pays up. I do not mean to be treating him like a child but he is doing that to me by intentionally not working. Also, if there were some items (from the marriage) like a boat which were given to him in interium distribution, can I ask for them back as a form of payment. What are judgements? He owns a home. Can a judgement be placed and if so do I only get money if he sells his home? ED trial is upcoming. Thanks

To clarify. He did buy a home after separation (but before divorce) but any asset he had from the marriage he liquidated. Thanks

You will need to file a motion for contempt if your ex has not paid you a sum of money pursuant to a court order. If he is found in contempt the judge may send him to jail until he complies with the order, which may inadvertently force him to use funds from separate property to satisfy his obligation.