ED after 3 years of separation

We are finally getting to settling ED after 3 years separation and 2 years divorce.

At the time of separation we had significnat assets and debts. I received an interim distribution of some money from his retirement 2 years ago. If you were to add up the assets and substract the debt he would owe me about 50,000.

Problem is that he wasted most of the marital assets in the 3 years since separation and there is basically nothing left.

I feel that is not fair to me and I would settle for him to pay me the 50,000 over a period of years if it took that long but to just excuse him of it would not be fair to me.

My lawyer says it may take 10-15k to go to court and the judge may not make him pay the 50,000 to me and I would be at a loss. He says we can recover our losses in alimony court

My questions

  1. can a judge make some one pay over time the money owed in ED or can they just be excused sicne they spent it all and do not have it at teh time of ED trial

  2. is it safe to try to get everyting in alimony court. I feel that is not as permanent as an ED order.

Of note he does have a steady income and is remarried. I am just trying to get what is mine

Your attorney is most familiar with the specific facts of your case, and, as such, your questions are best directed to him.