ED and back support


Divorce is final and ED filed, but not settled. Must likely will have to go to court.

Question? If at the time of settling ED(adding up assets, subtracting debts) my spouse still owes a considerable amount to me in child support, spousal support and unpaid atty fees which were ordered, can that amount be added to amount he owes?

Must likely for us, he will owe money to me and it will be in the form of 401K transfer. Can I just get all the back owed to me through that avenue. I would prefer cash, but it is not forthcoming from him.

Just trying to figure out how I can eventually get all the money owed to me and not keep going back to court for contempt.


No, child support, spousal support and attorney’s fees are an award separate and apart from the property distribution. If you do continue to be forced to make motions for contempt you may wish to ask the judge to have child support and spousal support done via wage withholding moving forward.