Delayed ED Pickup & no Financials


I have been divorced since June 2011. I mediated the property back in Oct 2011. I have been to court numerous times for ED and it has been post poned because my ex has refused to provide any financial documents and other issues. I filed a motion to show cause against her with the hope it will force her to comply with local rules. Previously, the Judge verbally ordered her to comply, but all she provided was joint bank account information that I already had. What can I expect the court to do in this manner?
The Judge also verbally order my ex to allow me to pick up my personal & mediated property. I’ve since attempted to pick up my property on 4 occasions. My ex has barred me from picking up my property each time. I’m not sure what to do about this except explain the situation in court. I have been without my personal property for almost 3 years. I’ve been patient, but my frustration is growing. What can I do other than wait for another court date to explain? Previously, in court items like this are dismissed as petty and not resolved and here we are years later and I am the only person being injured. What can I do?



The court should order that she comply with discovery requests and if she is held in contempt for failure to follow past orders, she could be subject to other sanctions. You should also file a motion to bring the issue of personal property back in front of the judge.