Distribution of property

I am now divorced. But before the divorce we were separated and my wife initiated a property settlement. I have spent many hours gathering the information requested by her attorney and I have complied with all requests. However, my ex wife has not provided my attorney with all of the information needed to complete the mediation. It has been very costly for me to have my attorney attend several aborted court dates and the mediation (which could not be completed because she did not have her information). It has been almost two years now. How long, legally, can she prolong this process with her negligence? She has been given many deadlines by the court but has not met any of them and has not been assessed any penalties for her negligence. Is there a statute of limitations on this? I would appreciate any enlightenment on this issue.

I would suggest you file a motion to compel, asking the court to issue an order forcing compliance, if she does not obey the order, file a motion for contempt regarding her non compliance. The court can then issue fines, or even impose jail time until she complies.

Thanks so much for your help.

You are most welcome.