Property settlement

If it was ordered in mediation, was this something you agreed to? I think under the circumstances, I would have left the equitable distribution up to a judge or given her the house and let her buy you out.


In mediation I was ordered to pay property settlement of $50,000.00, which in order to do I have to refinance, I was also ordered to pay $500.00 a month in alimony, I have tried to refinance and have been turned down twice in the last 2 months because my debt to income ratio is way out of wack. I make 45,000 a year for my regular job and work 2 other jobs and make about 7200 for the year. My separated spouse has bought a mercedes, a motorcycle and has now put a down payment on a house, which she is not threatening to take me to court for contempt of court because I have not given her this money, I have since the last turn down applied to three more places, they will not talk with me about refinancing because she will not sign a separation agreement. What can I do? I am really trying to refinance, but unless she gives me what I need I can not, can she file contempt charges?

Lisa Wilford