My ex. was supposed to pay me a property settlement of $2000 when the house sold over one month ago according to a consent order. He has not yet paid and will not reply to my emails concerning the matter. There was no exact date in the consent order-it just said he was to pay when the house sold. Would you suggest that I wait a few months, propose a payment plan and see if he acccepts, or file contempt charges? He likely doesn’t have the cash sitting around and will claim he can’t afford to pay. I think that he could easily obtain a loan or convenience check for that amount and pay it down, meeting his obligations to me. He could at least pay me something. He also is behind a few hundred in child support. What would you advise that my next step should be?

Thank you

My advice is to file a motion for contempt now, he may then propose a payment plan in response and you can settle before the hearing.