Mortgage payment

I live in the marital house with my children, The judge ordered ex to pay the mortgage of the home as “additional child support” The title was recently put in my name. The mortgage (1st) is in his name only but the 2nd is in both of our names. He just informed me he will not be paying the mortgages due to lack of funds. I do not have the money to pay the mortgage.

I assume my lawyer will file a contempt motion but what do I do until it is heard by the judge and he makes his decision (I assume that process may take several months) Do I borrow money to pay to avoid foreclosure proceedings and to look like a responsible adult (since it is MY home now)? Do I just wait until the judge decides? His name is on the first mortgage so it would go against his credit, not mine. But my name is on the 2nd also and I do not want my credit history to suffer anymore than it has. The 2nd mortgage is smaller and I could borrow to pay that if I had to.

A motion for contempt should not take months to be heard, especially in this situation. I recommend you speak to your lenders and let them know thw situation before incurring a new debt.