Mediated equitable distribution settelment agreement signed

I recently entered into a mediation and the end result was an agreement on equitable distribution signed by both parties and also by a judge. one of the main items in the agreement was that my spouse keeps all her retirement , 401k and pretty much everything which i was good with because also she was to assume most debt and i would not have any debt in my name except for deby gained during seperation (after we legaly sepperated) now we are in the final stages of the divore and i have received the civil summons for the final divorce yet she has not taken care of the one item in which i was a cosigner and was negotiated as a $15000.00 item clearly listed she was supposed to pay (stated as assume and pay the following debts …toyota tundrac deficiency ) she has not paid it and she says she will not and i agreed based on this as my main item so i could keep my credit good (was830 now 540) thats why i gave her everything and did not make her split her retirement and 401k ) she is now saying she cant afford to pay but she was going to sell off some 401k to do so during mediation (401k valued at aprox 60,000 .00) Can i get out of the agreement and have the judge split up the assets or can i force her to pay this as she agreed and was court ordered in agreement ???
sorry for my rambling way but i am confused as to why she doesnt think she will have to pay this and clear my name??

If she failed to abide by the court order on ED then your remedy is contempt of court.