Back to court for cs again

Well, I got my paper last night, hand delivered from my ex husband when he brought our son home @ almost 10pm. we have a court date set for Aug13th. He wants to modify cs, because he is on light duty at work because he was in a accident (not work related).

he currently pays $700 a month, and has insurance on our son. i wouldn’t mind it so much if it weren’t taking away from my son, and his life. I sit back and listen to his dad fuss & whine, and now have to go to court for modification of cs. but yet, he still runs the road with his girlfriend/fiance. and hunts, and does just as he pleases. I even went beyond what I should have and have offered to pick him up and drop him off to HIS convenience, and now this. he does NOT help with half of expenses not covered by insurance. he never has helped with them. Our sons medication is over $100. month with insurance, and his specialist co-pays are $45 a pop. that’s not inluding regular dr visits when sick.

My question is do I go to Social Services and let them handle it, or do I go back and hire my lawyer who helped me in the beginning. I need advice on this.

it’s nothing for him to bring our son home late on a school night from the weekend, like last night, and he told me 6pm originally. so it went from 6om to almost 10pm. Also, my son had gone the WHOLE weekend and had NOT brushed his teeth! We have had this discussion SEVERAL times!!! what should I do???

I don’t care about the money…i just want whats best for my son.

All the monetary issues will be discussed in court on the motion to modify child support. If his work situation, through no bad faith on his part, has changed the judge will likely find it appropriate to modify the child support amount. Unreimbursed medical expenses should be split 50/50 between the two fo you.

ok. so his reasoning on going back to court is because of light duty bc of back problems. Well what if I can prove he hunts every weekend, and does things that should not be classified as “light” duty? Should I try to take it to another level? i think he is just using this as a excuse/reason to get out of paying child support or lowering it.