A few ED questions


I have a few questions:

First, I am going into CS court this week. My ex and son now live in NJ since I am 50% responsible can I claim him everyother year on taxes? Does it need to be in the order? How would I present this in CS court.

Aslo, last week I asked a question regarding credit for day care to be put towards medical owed. I was reading other peoples posts and found someone else asked a similar question and was told that the medical would have to be paid that the other party could not use clothing, co-pays, or day care towards the reimbursement of medical support.
Could you please shed some light:
I emailed ex and said I would pay for summer day care in lieu of re paying medical support. She agreed in email. I have all my receipts. She now wants me to reimburse for medical support and is taking me in CS court this week. Since we agreed in email form and I have all my receipts will I be credited for this?

Also, since she is court ordered to pay/ provide day care during my time and she hasn’t can I ask for the day care credit during my time with my son?



If your son lives with you primarily you have the right to claim him on your taxes unless the court orders otherwise.
As I stated in my response to your earlier post, I cannot say for sure what the judge will do regarding your payment of childcare in lieu of medical reimbursements, but you may introduce your emails in court to show you and your ex’s intent.
You may ask for reimbursement for the child care.