Medical Support - Non Payment

Ex and I were in CSE court in May for his portion of medical bills (third time doing this in a year). He was given 90 days to pay.

Ex is now stating he is deducting “expenses” from the medical payments for the visitation time he has had this summer. His email simply states “clothing and other incidentals”. He doesn’t provide any other details.

Also, I agreed to paying child care while the girls are with him to make sure they are in appropriate care and received credit for this in the child support calculations. I understood it to be he pays and I reimburse him. I haven’t seen the actual court order although I have asked CSE to send it to me on more than once. The CSE rep I spoke to stated the case notes didn’t specify how payment was to be made.

When the girls were with him for his first two-week period (summer), he did not get them enrolled in childcare and they were passed around between his family members. For the second two-week period coming up, I enrolled and have already paid tuition directly to the provider.

Ex stated he had to pay his family to take care of the girls, but has not provided any information regarding payments. He’s indicated that he intends to reduce the past due medical by these amounts as well.

It is obvious he doesn’t intend to pay the medical as ordered. When he doesn’t pay the full amount of the medical owed, CSE will file a Show Cause. What can I expect to happen if he brings in receipts for clothing, the “payments” for family childcare, etc ?

He will not be reimbursed for those expenses. Child support is set in such a way to avoid this situation. He is responsible for the children’s clothing and other basic needs while they are in his care. As for childcare expenses, if he cannot prove that his family was actually paid, there will be no reimbursement owing there either.