Court ?'s

I have written in before, my ex now lives in NJ with our son. I have had very limited access to him since she moved. We have an upcoming court date; I am hoping to get set visitation, and Joint custody. Since we don’t get along and she lives 10 hrs away what is the likelihood I will get Joint custody?
Also, that same day I am hoping that we can review the child support, that way I can get my day care credit etc. My attorney (I am on a payment plan) says he would be happy to do it that same day but I have to pay off my balance. I am not able to pay the entire balance before we go to court. My attorney said that its possible the judge would handle it the same day but everyone has to agree or he would have to file again or I could file on my own through child support court. I would rather get it all dealt with the same day rather than have to file in child support court and have another court date. Should I ask my ex if she is agreable to this and plan to have everything taken care of that day? I know she doesn’t want to lose any child support so she may not want to deal with it that day. What do you suggest?

Joint physical custody does not seem feasible given the distance in this case, however you may be able to get substantial summer and vacation time.

Negotiating a deal with your spouse is likely your best bet in getting the child support portion resolved.