Bed and board

Clarification of question some one else asked.
When wife is sucessful in getting possession of marital home by B&B and having husband ordered to leave marital home, under what circumstances is court likely to ORDER husband to pay any part of ongoing expenses of marital house.No kids, wife 64 and works, husband 71 doesn’t work. Married 25 years. Marital home is big & expensive. No mortage but costs $2,300 per month just for taxes, insurance, yard maintenence, electric, etc

I’m not a lawyer but I think it depends on who is financially the dependent spouse and therefore who would owe whom post-separation support and/or alimony. Also the reasonable needs of the dependent spouse are factored in against what the dependent spouse can afford to pay.

I would get an attorney ASAP.

I do not believe you can receive any money as part of B&B. You should file for PSS in addition to B&B, and the judge may award a payment as part of a PSS order.