Bed & Board - husband living with another woman

Hello Jessica Almond
I can feel your pain and more I think you are in the same way I am/was for a long time but you need to let it go this POS you know is no good and will never be free if you let this keep eating you.
Yes it is very hard not to let it go! Yes you think that its all your fault. But its not its his and his alone he is the one who did this not you and the word is called EGO and he knows this.
I hope the best for you and I hope you can get what you can from him and more Good luck and more

I cannot give you specifics on how to get the evidence, that would be impossible for me to know. I would refer you to my previous post where I told you what type of evidence might be useful.

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Clarify please…criminal swindler CHEATING husband…filed suing for bed and board…which has not been determined…has he won as yet…
Where does it all stand with law as for each party being with others? SOMEONE told me its HOW the separation is worded in the court suit he filed? but still remains if he has not won that suit…WHERE am I…
for last night I got MORE stunning news.
The slut woman he was cheating on me with BEFORE separation (no proof as yet) he is seeing constantly now. She is MARRIED…Has gotten her husband OUT of HER house…and MY HUSBAND and HER are LIVING TOGETHER at HER PLACE.
Easy to prove? This house of hers is situated on a VERY VERY Private road of many houses of HER family. Can NOT go in there at night or day on that road. Learned there is a BACK road. Have to find out where. Pictures taken at NIGHT…with a flash??? He has NO car…so I cant take a picture of HIS car parked in there. This is IMPOSSIBLE and this guy is blatantly EVERYWHERE with his skank bad reputation MARRIED woman out and in her bed.
MEANWHILE charging me with BOGUS adultery in fault bed and board suit.
HELP!!! I want to get him COLD…and rub his nose in it…so I can GO ON in my life… what ways can I get this SOB if I cant get pics of tthem in that house together? I have a video camera and perhaps FOLLOW HER car with HIM in it…into that street and OUT of that steet…IF I can get him entering…BUT again…hard to capture at NIGHT and hard to get this all.

Jessica Almond