Best interest of the child


It seems like your main concern is that your daughter is not happy at home and is considering graduating from high school early. Your question is: If you allow your daughter to graduate early and consequently stop paying child support for her, will your ex-spouse have any legal recourse?

These are the issues to consider:
(1) Parents


My daughter will be 18 in Nov. She will be going into the 12th grade this year. She hates her home life now because of the way her stepfather treats her. Her mom supports the stepdad. This stepdad has just returned to the home, after leaving for 2 weeks because of a fight between him and her mother. This usually happens every couple of months. She wants to finish high school early and begin some college courses. I am paying child support, and was told by my daughter that her mother wants her to stay in school and graduate with her “friends”. Also, that she wants to get all the she can out of me. Her mother and I have Joint legal custody, (mother being primary) me being secondary. My stepdaughter got her got diploma, (not a GED)early, and my daughter wants to go this route as well and be done with high school. This of course would stop the child support to her mother. If I were to pursue this, what legal action if any could her mother come back with? She's all about the .