Two Child SUpport Questions

1)My separation agreement, which I have been following, states that I pay child support until the child “graduates High School, or turns twenty (20) years of age, whichever occurs first”. Well I didn’t expect it 4 years ago, but my daughter might just fail, or pursue a GED in lieu of a HS Diploma. I assume if she drops out I will pay till she is 20, but is a GED considered equivalent to a HS Graduation for the purposes of that clause?

  1. If my ex files for CSS to take over child support, because she thinks she will get more money, then am I correct in assuming they will set aside the entire agreement, and not just modify the amount? If so, then would child support stop at 18 or at 20 or at some other age?

Thanks for all your help. This is a very helpful forum for questions.

If your daughter gets her GED, which is the equivalent of a high school diploma, I believe there may be an argument that your child support obligation would cease, but I would need to review the agreement in its entirety before giving you a complete opinion and full advice as to how to proceed.

If the other parent goes through child support enforcement, they will likely not seek enforcement of the agreement, but will seek the obligation they could get through the statutes which would include the duration.