Child Support After Age 18

My son will be graduating from high school this June. He turned 18 in January. He will be going to a local community college in the fall and will still be living at home with me. When his older brother graduated from high school two years ago and started college at NC State my attorney told me that my ex-husband would not have to continue paying child support even though my son would still be dependent on his father and I. He told me that it was not required in North Carolina. After reading the information on this website, it seems that if a child is continuing his/her education, then child support will continue until age 20. I have continued to support my older son and pay all his medical expenses, but I don’t know if I can do it with both of them. We have had to borrow the money for my older son to go to NC State and will have to borrow money for the son who is graduating this year. Is my attorny wrong and if so what can I show him that proves that. It is coming up soon, so I need to be prepared. Thanks so much.

Your attorney is correct. In your case, child support will terminate when your child graduates from high school. Child Support until age 20 is only if they are still in high school and working toward their diploma.

4them is correct. Child support ends at age 18, unless the child is still in school and making satisfactory progress towards graduation.

Since that is the case and he has already told me that he has contacted his attorny about removing him when he graduates, is there a way to do this without having attorneys involved? I really don’t want to pay attorney fees if we can use the child support guidelines and figure it on our own. I just don’t know how to go about doing it.

Also, I received a bonus at the end of last year that is not an ongoing thing. I work for my father and he had to take a bonus from the company and chose to give me some of it. It is not something that I will continue to get. Do I have to include that in my income since I will not be getting that this year?

When your son graduates from high school, will you still have children in the home under the age of 18? I didn’t see mention of that in your original post.

Yes I have a daughter that is 14

If you can agree on the revised amount ( try using the calculator on the website) you can execute a modification to your separation agreement in a signed, notarized writing.

Is there a special form for that? Also, do I have to include the one-time bonus that I received last year in my income?

If you have a court order you will need to enter into a new consent order. If child support is outlined in a separation agreement you will need to execute an amendment.
Your bonus should be included in your income, however in the event it is not guaranteed you may want to outline that you will pay a percentage of any bonus received at the time it is paid out.