Child Support

Unless you and your ex have an agreement specifying something else, once they turn 18 or have graduated from high school your support - in NC - ends. What you want to do is contact the child support offices at least 2 months ahead, have a letter from the school stating the child is graduating on a certain date, and file for a modification of support. We filed in May and it took until August to get it changed, although they did reimburse for some.

OK. What steps do you take to try and get the child support extended for a child entering college at age 18?

That would probably have to have been in your separation agreement. Alternatively perhaps you can work out something with your ex to pay for some portion of expenses or college but in NC there is no obligation after 18 /graduating from high school.

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Greetings. Child support should end at 18, unless the child has not graduated high school, and then when the child graduates up through age 20. You can agree to pay longer by separation agreement. No, college does not keep child support going. Thank you.

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If a child is graduating in June at age 17, turning 18 in July and attending college in August, How long should you contiune to pay child support? Do you have to pay until they are 20 because they are entering a secondary school?