Bigamy Marriage


I read the article about how a marriage (bigamy) was automatically voided and not recognized in the State of North Carolina.

Here is the issue. My first marriage was for very dumb reasons (no excuse), but I personally didn’t treat it like a marriage. After about 3 months if that long we went our separate ways. Approx 4 years later, I remarried. My second wife knew I was still married, and allowed the marriage to go on. Years later our marriage dissolved and I just want to severe ties. I have since divorced my first wife.

My second wife and I have a child together. And I don’t want anything from her, and I don’t have anything she wants from me. I ask for a Divorce and now she is saying we were never married in the first place. My biggest concern is Legal issues. I should of thought about that before, but I didn’t. What are my choices, options. Do I just say hey look according to NC, we aren’t even married and move on. Or do I go through with an annulment and take a chance of getting locked up.


If you were still married when you got remarried, you are correct that the marriage is void. As described in our article, you do not need to do anything to end a bigamous marriage. You can file a complaint for child custody without a divorce action.