Just found out my husband is still married.We live in north carolina and were married a year ago in tennessee.And he was caught cheating which made our suppose marriage fail. Hes told me to get out of his house. What do i need to do about the marriage and legal rights.A year ago he caused me to loose my job and be a stay home wife, keeping me at home.Now i am job hunting and he does not want me to work, he keeps the car out of gas and wont give me gas money, but has told me and my 20 year old son to get out.His house is mortaged and has had it 15 years, we have no where to go and no family.Pleae help.Thanks

The only marriage in North Carolina that is considered automatically void by operation of law is a bigamous marriage, which is a marriage entered into by someone who is already married. Since the law dictates that a person may only be married to one spouse at a time, a second or subsequent marriage is not recognized and is automatically invalid in North Carolina. If you got married in NC, your marriage would be void and technically you wouldn’t need to go through the District Court to get an annulment. You may want to anyway, so as to avoid any confusion later on in life, both legally and personally.

However, since you got married Tennessee I cannot speak to how Tennessee treats bigamous marriages and what procedure they require in situations such as these.