Dear ruby scoggins:

My advice:

#1 get divorced
#2 get remarried.

Good luck.

Janet L. Fritts
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I was first married in 1971 and thought I was divorced in 1990. I had paper that I thought were divorce papers.Even went back to my maiden name. The question come up reciently if the x and I were really divorced. I went to the court house and researched it finding that no one showed up the day the hearing was on the books to be heared. The lawyer nor the x showed. I was tolded to stay home he was taking care of it.No one showed so the judge threw it out. We meaning myself and the now X went throught proceeding to get legally divorced when I found out the first attempt was no good. The problem is I got remarried in 1995 and the x was also married. What do I do now . Everything I have found in researching say My marriage 1995 is nul and void. How about the home ,insurance taxes binaficaries. All the things that married couples do together. Where do I stand now? What should I do?

Ruby Scoggins