My husband and I separated a year ago yesterday, March 3rd. We ended up getting back together in the summer and then we separated again in November. In March, we had legal separation papers filed that stated how much money he would pay me in March/April 2012 when he got his bonus and in March/April 2013 when he got his other bonus. However, when we got back together, I took out a loan for $3,000 to help him pay his bills–we still have everything separated. He took $2,500 of that money and put it on his bills. We do not have anything on paper saying that he will pay me that back. He has paid me $100.00/month up until November 2012 and then he paid me $400 to last until he got his bonus in April 2013. Now he is saying he is not going to pay me the rest of the $2,500 and what he has paid me so far will go towards the money he has stated in the agreement. I told him the money he has paid me for so far has the Note: loan on the checks, so that is specifically for the loan and will not count towards the money he owes me from the separation papers. My 2 questions are:

  1. Will he still owe me the full amount stated in the separation papers?
  2. Do I have any legal rights to get back the rest of the money from the loan I took out for his bills?


Whether you have a claim for repayment and enforcement of the separation agreement depends on the language of the separation agreement. You should seek a consultaiton to discuss your options moving forward.