Collecting money


My ex husband and I had separtion papers that stated he would pay certain bills. He neglected to pay them and to save my house on two loans my father paid the bill. It was $8962.01 on two yearly payment loans.
I did not have the money and my ex refused to pay it. My father wrote the check out of his account to the creditors. In our mediation my attorney told me it would be best for me to drop that money that was paid and move on with the left over payments on other loans my ex still owes according to the spearation agreement.
My ex knew my father would have to pay and knew that he would. This why he did not pay, or the fact he just didn’t care if I lost my home.
The loan was for personal property that my ex took with him in the divorce, but the loan was an equity line.
My ex told my father that he would do something in order to pay him back. A year and a half later he says that he does not have the money to pay him back for the loan.
Can my father take action against my ex for the money he paid?


Your father is not a party to the separation agreement. In order to recover the funds you can sue your ex for breach of contract.


I did sue for breach and we never got into court was put off over a year, we went to mediation and my lawyer told me to drop that money. I signed an order to give up previous suits in order to get a court order on the still owed debts. Can my father pursue to get the money he is owed back? Is there any thing that he can file?


If you waived your right to pursue further action for this money, there is nothing you or your father can do at this point.