Ex is not payed,,,help

Dear Vicky:

First, I would send a letter reminding him that he needs to pay these funds. Next, I would re-evaluate the words “I cannot afford a lawyer” and replace those with “I cannot afford to not retain a lawyer” if the letter does not work.

If he owed you these funds pursuant to a separation agreement, the action you would file would be a breach of contract claim. If he owed you these funds pursuant to a court order (or a consent order), then you would be able to file a Motion to Show Cause.

I suggest that you send him a letter and drop him a couple of e-mails, reminding him to pay. Thank you and I hope he becomes a good guy overnight and pays you the funds he owes. Best of Luck.

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney at Law
4101 Lake Boone Trail, Suite 200
Raleigh, North Carolina 27607

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My ex and I seperated 2 years ago this august,I moved back to my home town in Indiana to establish my residence and after 6 months I filed for divorce,my husband works for a large global company that furnished his lawyer at no charge to him,after 2 years of legal hassle I gave in,went back to northcarolina and signed the seperation/divorce papers. I really had no choice,I could not afford to fight him any longer. I gave him everything he asked for,at that point I was exhausted,financially and mentally,he agreed to pay me my share of the equity in our home,in the legal papers it states that I was to be paid by April 10,2003,I have yet to see the monies and he is avoiding me,what can I do,I can not afford a lawyer,please help.

Vicky Peter