Breach of contract?

We finalized our whole agreement and executed it in June. In July, I recieved my first payment on a notorized promisary note. This note was also written into the notorized separation agreement. The payments are to be paid to me “on or before” the 10th of each month.

I did not recieve the August payment and now believe that she will continue to delay each months payments, if she pays at all. Can I sue for breach of contract and have the court place a lien on anything she has, to force timely payments to me. Can I ask the court to admend the note for daily late fees, for each day that she is late in paying?

You may sue for breach of contract. The remedy will depend in part on the verbiage in your agreement.

Can the court add an amendment for late fees?

Can I recover attorney fees from her?

Thank you !

It depends on the language in your Agreement.