Breach of separation agreement?


My STBEX and I had been separated for 10 months, I am planning on taking the 2 kids on spring break vacation, but I need another adult to help with the kids, will it be a breach of separation agreement if she comes along to help with kids ? where we all will be sleeping in the same hotel room.


It depends on how your separation agreement reads. If you have a clause for ‘no overnights with an unrelated member of the opposite sex,’ then yes, you would technically be in violation.


Spending a few nights in a hotel will not destroy the date of separation, or affect the agreeement so long as the two of you are not intending to resume the marital relationship and reconcile. The statues even say that isolated acts of sexual intercourse will not vitiate the date of separation.


How about even if the sepration agreement states that ( -The parents must not have unrelated adult of the opposite sex spending the night if the children are present).


If you’re talking about your STBX going with you…you’re fine.

If you’re meaning another female going…I would not do it unless she sleeps in another hotel room. But I wouldn’t risk it…just to be on the safe side. :wink: