Is this legal


DON’T SIGN IT. The court can say that you may not have overnight guests of the opposite sex with minor children present for the year between separation and divorce. After that it’s up to your own discretion. This does not effect child support amount at all and should not effect alimony unless you sign something legally agreeing to it. The only way that it would affect alimony or spousal support would be your ex deciding to increase the amount agreed upon. Read more of these forums. They are a great asset to anyone going through it.


Ah, the good ol’ “no overnight guests of opposite sex not related by blood or marriage” conundrum! Tell your STBX to take a hike. The court will (or should) award you alimony and child support if you’re entitled to it. Even if ex claims to be willing to pay more than the court would likely award, five years is a looooong time.

The court may, if it chooses, impose the “no overnight guests of opposite sex” restriction regardless of marital status. Say, for example, ex has remarried and you haven’t, but you have long-term boyfriend. Ex can enjoy the pleasure of his new wife’s company overnight when he has the kids, but your bf is persona non grata overnight when you have the kids. Is this fair? The self-righteous, holier-than-thou judges who write this kind of junk into their orders undoubtedly think so.


My soon to be ex wants me to sign and agreement that states i will not stay in the same room as a member of the opposite sex for 5 years or support/alimony payments will changed. Is this logical or legal ? Other than wanting to have control over everything is there any reason for this and will it be enforceable in future.