Opposite Sex in the home

My husband and I recently separated. We are working on an agreement. I noticed in the agreement, that he wants to make sure I do not have males in the home after 8 pm, while I have the children. I think this is ludicris. I will refuse to sign the agreement. I do not have males spending the night, I do, however, have several male friends, a few that are gay. I need some advice on how to handle this situation.

Thank you

You do not have to agree to such a provision, but if you have no intentions of having overnight guests of the opposite sex with whom you have a romantic relationship you could agree to such a prohibition if it will appease your soon to be ex.

I don’t want to put in a no sleep over clause, what if down the road I am romantically involved with someone? He has threatened that if he knows that someone of the opposite sex is here, past 8 pm, he will take me to court and ask for full custody. Does he have a leg to stand on with this threat?

Then you do not have to agree to that provision. He cannot “win” custody over this issue, and quite frankly, fewer and fewer judges even prohibit overnight guests these days.

Thank you so much!

You are very welcome, I wish you all the best.