divorce over almost a decade- spouse is very controlling- 50% split custody- no alimony- neither child support order nor custody order mention overnight guests–can my long time girlfriend that I am committed to move in with no repercussions? She is an amazing woman and a true gift to the children and myself. I still pay all the child bills to keep things easier with the tiny bit of child support I get and to not go back to court for little things. We will eventually get married but not for some time to avoid any craziness with my ex wife but we are committed to eachother and the kids have never met any other girlfriend or partner in the past 10 years of the divorce-- the kids know that we are committed and will get married one day. Appreciate your advice.

If the custody order doesn’t prohibit overnight guests, I don’t see what the problem would be. If the custody order DID have conditions on that, you’d need to stay within the bounds or else your ex can claim you’re in violation of the court order regarding that subject.

It sounds like you have a high-conflict divorce. It’s probably best to just not worry about whatever makes your ex less angry since she will be angry regardless. Live for you and your kids and do what’s best for you as a group.

So long as there is no agreement or court order in place that prevents you from moving in with your girlfriend, you certainly are able to do so. If your ex gets angry about this, she may file a motion to modify custody based on a change in circumstances, but you would have the ability to present evidence of why this relationship has no negative impact on the children.