Broken engagement - I'm in NC, he lives in VA

Hello. My engagement has broken up due to my fiance’s infidelity. I don’t have proof as far as pictures of him actually screwing her, but I have a screen shot of him at her house (he gave me his iTunes account password prior to this) and he and we have a long history (last 6 months) with her activities as a pursuer of him. At no point have I said it was ok with me that he ever even kissed anyone else while we were together; he knows that it was my sincere wish that he not communicate with her in any way. I don’t know if any of that information is necessary, but if it is - there you go.

So he lives in Virginia. I live in NC. He gave me the ring in Virginia in February, as a proposal to get married. Now that he has been unfaithful, I see no reason to give it back to him. I broke it off with him because of his infidelity, which he is aware of and has not denied.

Can I sell the ring and keep the money?

The majority of courts classify engagement rings as conditional gifts, with the condition being your promise to marry him. If the marriage never happens most courts have deemed that the ring should be returned to the person who gave the ring.