Broken Seperation Agreement

Dear tgravanada:

Greetings. I am sorry to tell you that without reading your separation agreement in full I cannot give you advice. The only thing I can tell you is that just because she breached does not mean that you also can breach the agreement. No, you cannot stop paying, but you can start a breach of contract claim against her. Best of luck and let us know if you want us to look it over for you.

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney with Rosen Divorce
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I signed a seperation agreement 2 years ago stating that I would pay my ex-wife $800.00 a month in Child Support (1 child) and half of the house payment (800.00 a month) until the house was sold. 6 months ago she took the house off of the market and has made no attempt to put it up for sale again. I asked her if I could just have the house transfered into my name only, and I would take full responsibility for it, she said no. My question is, since she already has broken the terms of the Seperation Agreement, do I have to continue to pay half of the house payment? It has become very obvious that she has no intention of moving. Also, I am on unemployment and do not even make the required $400.00 a week. What can I do about this?