Calculate income in divorce settlement

I am looking for the state statue which specifies what can be calculated in divorce statement.

Also how do you look up cases for Court of Appeals for state court? I already have federal cases to support my case. I looked up in google scholar for federal cases, but don’t see any cases for Court of Appeals for state court. Do they have any cases for that court case?

The child support guidelines have a list of items that are considered income, but I don’t know what you mean by “divorce statement.”

There are online sources for case law, but most of them are paid resources. You can also go to a law library and look up case law using keywords.

Yes, I tried to google it, but no luck. I am trying to find out what income is consider as income when you are determine alimony and child support? What statue reference what is considered to be income and what is not? You just can’t calculate anything you want. What guidelines determine what the states consider to be income?

The NC Child Support Guidelines define income. The guidelines are considered a form and can be found by visiting and searching the forms.