Calculating Child Support On New Job

I have child support court (for like the 2nd or 3rd time at this point) on 3/16. First time was mediation. STBX paid what he wanted when he wanted (which wasn’t the NC guidelines he agreed to). Second time was actual court and he was fired two days before court so nothing was put into effect as far as an actual court order. So I guess this is my third time. STBX has obtained a job. However, it is with a little to no base salary and primarily commissions. He just started maybe a week ago so there’s most likely no way to tell what his commissions may or will be. Will they bother attempting to submit a court order and if so, how can his income be calculated? Or will we have to post pone court YET AGAIN with NOTHING put into play as far as me getting any type of support.

Additionally, is it possible to go for arrears since it was through no fault of MINE that court was postponed last time??

Thank you.

The court may postpone the permanent hearing, and issue another temporary order until his actual income can be determined, you are entitled to back support to the date of filing.