Child Support Arrearages


I am well aware that no one can predict the outcome of any case of course. However, I need to get an idea of what I’m dealing with here.

I know that arrearages and child support are based on the number of overnights and how much a person makes. The STBX was fired from one job ONE DAY before the first child support hearing. It was postponed until he got another job. Got one within a month. Child support was set with the understanding that arrearages would be pursued for whatever commissions he would come into, etc. from November 2010 until current. Well he QUIT that job (fourth job I think in as many years) in order to be “self employed” selling insurance door to door (yes, you read that right). He didn’t make last month’s COURT ORDERED child support and I’m betting he won’t make this month’s payment either… claiming that he is now self employed and is not making much money and just doesn’t have it to give (however, he can pay his attorney, a mediator for an AOA/CC case against my boyfriend, take trips to Pennsylvania, etc.). He is threatening also to have child support revisited because his income is lower (lower than the $10/hour he was making before … ?? Really!?).

My question is how would a judge look at this? He has had at least 4-5 jobs in as many years, being fired from all but one and quitting this last one to become self employed. My children shouldn’t have to suffer because he’s lazy and he CHOSE to quit his job and isn’t making the money that he THOUGHT he would make.

What happens now?


He owes the amount of child support ordered in the order until there is a modification. He may seek a modification, but the judge could increase or decrease the amount of support. The judge may also impute income to him if there is evidence he is purposefully suppressing, or hiding, income.