Can a dad take kid out of school for visitation?


We have a separation agreement that states father has his son from thursday pm to tuesday AM. That was fine until we moved an hour away from each other. Now after a year of living this far apart, he wants to go by the separation agreement and take his son out of school every friday and monday so he can still have his time. Can he do this?


Your child cannot miss more than 20 days of school per school year. Once your child is absent too many times, he will not be allowed to move to the next grade the following year (for grades K-5), unless you appeal and win. With what your stbx is wanting to do, it would only take 10 weeks for your son to be retained next school year.

I highly recommend that your stbx NOT do this…it will only be hurting your son.


No, I suggest you modify the agreement to suit the new situation.