Year-Round School


If your children will be moving to a location that makes your visitation impracticable and causes you to lose your summer / weekday visitation that constitutes a substantial change in circumstances that would substantiate revisiting the custodial schedule. Legally speaking your spouse cannot unilaterally make a decision which affects your visitation so substantially.
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My ex and I divorced five years ago and live in NC. We have lived in the same city since the divorce and currently have a binding visitation agreement that allows me every other weekend, 1 weekday after school, rotating holidays and 4 weeks in the summer. I have just been informed that she plans to get married and move elsewhere in NC (130 miles away) and that my children will be enrolled in year-round schooling. I have a great relationship with my children and a manageable one with my ex. I am looking for advice for what is reasonable and customary in a joint custody arrangement for out of town visitation. Key questions I have is: How many weeks can I get for vacation, school has 45/15 track (Wake) and 12 weeks scheduled off. I have 4 now but loose weekday visitation and spring break (year round), I want 6-8 weeks. I am remarried with 2 additional children and have active suport and care from my spouse and the children’s grandparents. My work schedule keeps me local but I only gain 4 weeks of vacation, ex is stating I should not gain more due to work schedule. All situations are different but I have proven track record with children and want more time with them.