Can alimony payments change after marriage?

I am the wife of a formerly married/divorced man(divorced in 2002) His ex-wife has remarried and she is working and so is her new husband. My husband is paying child alimony of $700.00 each month for a little girl (11-year old) he had with the ex-wife. He is also paying for $150.00 for the little girl’s education and plus for her health insurance. Together, my husband and I have a 4-month old baby. My husband and i married in 2011. The alimony was established by the court and he sends a check to his exwife each month.

Last year, he made $90,000.00 and I made about $48,000.00, but I don’t work anymore. I resigned from my job. he has student loans and sometimes he pays two mortgages for a second house. We have a lot of extra expenses and my question is can my husband minimize his alimony for his first child according to the North Carolina Laws?

My question is, can my husband put some of the money in a trust fund for his daughter and send the exwife less?

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This sounds like child support, and not alimony. He’d have to go to court and seek a modification to change the amount.

Im not an attorney but this is what I believe from what you have said.

If this is child support as the attorney suggested it sounds like then a court modification is in order. However, the child support is based off of the parents income only. So if your husband is still making the same amount of money as he was before then the amount probably won’t change. It doesn’t matter that you are not making money and that you all have bills. The Ex’s husbands income is also not included. It is solely based on the parents income.

My ex sister in law took my brother to court after he married another lady because they now had more income. Turned out she ended up getting less money because his salary had actually went down some since the support was established.

You did call it alimony but you called it “child alimony”. Alimony is for the Ex spouse. If it really is Alimony for the ex spouse you need to look into this because in a lot of situations when an ex spouse remarries the alimony goes away. Thus why many women won’t get remarried but just live with a guy.

You need to figure out exactly what the money is!! Good luck