Can I be forced to divorce


Dear algil:

Greetings. Yes, she can force you to divorce even if you do not agree on those basic issues. Please review some of the legal information on our website and learn about the laws in North Carolina concerning separation and divorce. After reviewing the same, we will be happy to help you determine how you can come to agreements on the basic conditions. Thank you.

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After having been married for 13 years my wife wants a divorce. To keep a long story short, we are both from Europe, got married there, we stayed there several years, got kids and then moved to the USA in North Carolina. Quite honestly I never understood the exact reason of her motivation but this was following a long period of depression. At the beginning I could not imagine getting separated and tried to ignore her request. After more than a year of her keeping asking for it I have now to accept that she is really serious, even if I am devastated about this idea. My wife would like to go for a ‘separation agreement’. Before talking about separation and painful subjects like for example what is going to happen with the kids, I told her that few things had to get fixed first . My wife does not have a ‘solid’ job. She works sometime doing freelance writing via the internet when some agencies request her services. All living income, retirement saving and health insurance for the whole family is provided by me through my job. I told her that if she was serious about divorce she should look first for a ‘real’ all day job which would ensure health coverage and a decent income for her when we are separated. It is totally unrealistic to me that she could make a living only with the money I will be able to give her on a periodic basis and the ‘random’ income she could make through her current freelance writer activity. I explained that we will both need money to face the expenses of the separation and that we would have to sell the real estate we sill have in Europe. Believe it or not my wife is not convinced about all of this. I think that my wife is totally unaware of the reality of living separately. I know nothing about divorce law in North Carolina and would like to know if she could force me to divorce if we could not agree on these very basic conditions.
Many thanks in advance for any legal information you will be able to give to me.