Can I move out of state?


My husband and I have agreed to seperate and I would like to know if I can take my 14 month old child with me and move back to my home state of California with the child. My husband has agreed that I would be the primary caretaker of our child with him getting every other weekends and MAYBE one to nights here and there during the week for an hour or two(this is all the time he wants). However I would really like to move back to California with my child and stay with my mother. Is this something that the courts will allow? Or is this pretty much unheard of.I know my husband will not want this to happen.Can I move NOW since I have no way to afford to live on my own so that we can be “legally seperated” by not living together? Or if I move with our baby now while just seperated can he come after me and make me move back here to North Carolina? He has had two past convictions of domestic violence against me, one occuring while the baby was in the house. Would this help my case?