Can I pursue a divorce in N.C

My husband of 15 years has been in the Chapel Hill area since June, 2013. I am undergoing chemo treatments so I am in our home state of Florida and on permanent disability. The woman he is seeing is a N.C. resident and lives in Chapel Hill. Can I file for a separation or divorce in N.C. or should I do it in Florida. Florida is a no fault state.
I had a PI follow him to her house, but no intimate footage.
Thank you,

For the purposes of divorce, North Carolina is also a no-fault state. You do not have to file for legal separation here. You don’t have to file anything until the parties have been separated for a year and a day, and then you can file for divorce. For NC to have jurisdiction, one of the parties must reside here for at least 6 months prior to the institution of the action. If you have property or support issues, you need to file claims for alimony and equitable distribution prior to the finalization of the divorce or you loose your right to these claims.

My Heart completely understands your pain & stress.
Please seek counseling to strengthen & prepare you for whats ahead. STAY STRONG.
If he is still in NC, You may have to file for ED, PSS, Alimony, and other claims but remember it will require you to travel to NC for any hearings.
If you decide to file in FL, I sincerely hope for the best knowledgeable attorney to represent you. (or NC) In That case Hire Rosen!!
No matter what you have decided, even if you need to think awhile, still consult with an attorney to know any lingering questions as to what to do & when.
I hope for the BEST possible outcome for you!
Be Blessed.