Can my new wife represent me?


I’m not sure that legally your spouse can stand in for you in court when it comes to your child. Although stepparents can be emotionally and physically attached to the child it is still the parents responsibility to see that the court has all the information that will prove the best intentions on your part. You can only do that if you are present in the court room yourself. It would be in your and your son’s best interest if you went yourself, even if your spouse goes with you for support. In my opinion, that would look bad to a judge if the parent didn’t actually show up. To me that would show that maybe that parent wasn’t actually concerned enough about the situation. Social Services may be able to handle all the research through your spouse as in information gathering, but eventually they will want to talk to you, since you are the parent.


Dear SLB02:

Greetings. No, unless your wife is an attorney, she cannot represent you. However, you can call her as a witness in your child custody trial. I would suggest that you file a child custody claim or a motion to modify child custody if you already have a court order for visitation. Thank you.

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In short, I cannot afford an attorney at this point as my wife and I have depleted our savings after a battle for increased child support this year for my son.

My ex-wife has been withholding visitation and has been co-ercing my son to lie on her/his behalf. I’ve documented all of these cases in which there was an excuse for him not to visit. I’ve followed through on many, and found them to be false.

More disturbing is the way in which my ex manipulates and distorts the truth, and teaches my own son to do so. Within the past year or more, my son and I have grown increasingly distant due to this (and the lack of visits).

My current wife has contacted social services in that county (awaiting feedback), and has done some research in this regard.

Can she go before a judge to represent me? Or would it be best if I were to do so?

Thanks in advance.