Can she stop the divorce again

My wife has been served with Equitable Distribution Settlement Papers and Divorce Papers. We originally were scheduled to have the divorce hearing on March 7th. Her attorney waited until the last minute and filed an extension to respond to the counterclaim. She originally sued me for Equitable Distribution and Property Settlement but did not include the divorce. When we counter claimed my attorney included the divorce.

We the divorce hearing is now scheduled for April 4. We are scheduled for mediation on April 25th for the Settlement Agreement (which I have no reason to believe will not at some point end up in court).

My attorney is saying that she cannot delay the divorce again. Is that true or can I expect to be divorce on April 4th?

Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

Oh - forgot to mention that she has now retained yet another new attorney. Could this cause a delay?

The divorce should proceed on the 4th as scheduled.