How many times can my wife put off the divorce?

I have been seperated for one year and two months - I completed my paper work for a complete divorce and filed it last month. When I waited the 30 days and called back for a court date to get my divorce I was told by the family court office that my wife has retained attorneys and has been given a 30 day time frame to answer my divorce notice?
My question is how many times can she do this and put off the divorce? and can I get my divorce now and settle bills and child support at a later date?
Thanks -

She will only be given one extension, and you may proceed with the divorce after her answer is filed (in another 30 days). You may deal with child support and property issues after divorce, but will need to make a motion for equitable distribution in order to preserve your rights to have the court distribute assets and debts after the divorce is granted.

So, in 30 days I can ask for my court date from family court and proceed with the divorce and she will not be able to stop me from doing that? She seems to believe she can keep me from divorcing her until she is ready to proceed? But, from everything I had researched she cannot. Thank you for the quick reply. We do not have any thing to distribute. She is asking for child support and for me to pay medical bills? We do not own any property or have anything to split.

Yes, you may proceed, she cannot delay the divorce.