Caught off guard

I was friends with a couple who both used me to get info in eachother after the wife caught the man having an affair. They separated but not legally. They hadn’t lived together for several months. I began seeing the man (I know…big mistake) and we became very close even to the point that he asked me to marry him when the divorce was final. Then apparently she decided she wanted to reconcile after over a year went by. He was staying and sleeping with me as they were “deciding” whether or not to reconcile. I did not know they were talking reconciliation. He was just keeping me around apparently in case it didn’t work out. Of course I was extremely upset upon hearing this. He threatened me with a suit from his wife even though he knows I have so much info that would show how he pursued me. I was involved with both of them(as friends) when this all first started and supported her actions and feelings as any friend would do. Then things changed and I fell for him. They have now reconciled and are married. Do they/she have any legal pursuit of me since they reunited?

To sustain an action for alienation of affection she must show that love and affection existed between her and her spouse, and that your actions alienated that love and affection. She could also file for criminal conversation which only requires her to prove you had sex with her husband. You should leave well enough alone.