Alienation of Affection


why go after her? who knows what he was telling her? maybe she did not know he had a wife, maybe he claimed he was seperated? there is a chance she does not know about you…how long has he been with her and you did not know he had a girlfriend?
this is between you and him and unless she has smeared this affair in your face, I would leave her out of it.


Whatever. The chances of the woman actually not knowing is very slim. Come one. I am sure she didn’t call the house. I am sure she didn’t go to the house. Anytime a man or woman does not give out a phone number or allow the other person to visit they surely know that something is up. Go after her. She helped to destroy your family. Even thought the marraige vows were between you and he, she knew he was married. Contact an attorney that is willing to sue for alienation and show her that she cannot just come into a marriage and destroy it.


I feel for your situaiton, but (a) A of A suits CO$T about $60,000 (per Ms. Fritts in this Forum), (b) are almost NEVER fruitful, unless the party being sued is wealthy, and © are only brought in NC about 200 times per year…

The best revenge is living well, and a fruitless law-suit will lower your self-esteem more than a cheating husband. Sorry for your loss, but I offer this information to make you lose $$$ as well, OK?

Best of luck to you post-divorce!


A week after my husband left me he moved his girlfriend in. He told me he was going to move her in before he left. How does one go about charging someone with alienation of affection and how do you prove it?