Certified Delivery Proof


I recently sent my spouse the acceptance of service form that she notarized and returned to me already. I sent it certified mail and I was sure I told the postal worker that I wanted a return receipt to show the date she got the form. Apparently that did not happen. I still have the stamped Certified Mail Receipt when I sent the certified mail. Another postal worker said that I could put the USPS tracking number into their website to get a print out of the delivery confirmation. Is this good enough to prove to the clerk and court that I gave her 30 days to respond so that I can get my hearing date? If not, what else can I use.



Yes, you may submit the delivery confirmation to the clerk to add to the file.


Hello Erin,

I was actually asking if a print off from the USPS website using the tracking number is good enough to use instead of having the green delivery confirmation that the post office provides. I had thought I told them I wanted one and apparently I did not. So the only thing I have to show proof of when she got the acceptance of service is a print off from the usps website by entering the tracking number.



Yes, that should do it.