Certified vs Email


Which is better to present in court as far as the correspondence I have had with my ex regarding trying to set up visitation with my son to which the he is not allowing? I have sent two certified letters to which I asked him to respond to me by email. He finally has and to say that my son can not come visit. Should I continue to respond by email? Will I be able to use any of the emails in court when I take him to court for custody?


Yes, you can use e-mails in court. I am glad that you are keeping record of your attempts to visit and his refusals. Not knowing your circumstances or custody arrangement, it normally does not look good on a parent in court to refuse to allow visitation with the other parent. Unless you have been put on restrictions with your visitations (supervised, no overnight…etc) by a court order, there is no reason that your ex can legally deny your visitations.
If you are in NC you can also record phone conversations so that you have record of any verbal requests and refusals…though I’m sure in some cases it’s difficult to talk to an ex.


Both the emails and the certified letters can be used in court and will be useful to show your ex’s refusal to allow visitation.